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NC-559-V2-TF no-clean tacky flux

NC-559-V2-TF no-clean tacky flux

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When it comes to soldering Sn60/Sn62/Sn63 leaded MT alloys using Hot Air station the V2 formulation would be one of the first choices for the handcraft/hobby/rework - V2 chemistry instantly wets Sn/Pb MT alloys but most importantly it has sufficient body to withstand rework with Hot Air station for extended period of time.

Besides helping metals to bond the flux holds electronic components in place without spreading out. Fully translucent thick rosin-rich solder chemistry leaves clear residue easy to evaporate with hot air, cleaned using isopropanol, industrial solvents, ultrasonic scrubbers, or vapor degreasers.

NC-559 prefix has been discontinued  the V2 chemistry is still available in OEM packaging (sold in small wholesale with 1 year shelf-life) and Amber packaging

V2-TF solder flux in a wholesale OEM packaging

V2-TF - OEM-V2-TF™ (clear syringes)

OEM means no overheads due to shiny labels, labor for retail blister-box packaging, or Intellectual Property licensing overheads - a bare minimum chemical for in-house labeling. Used by OEM manufacturers or resellers under own brand.  Current Certificate of Compliance can be requested at the time of ordering.

V2-TF - STIRRI-Amber™ Series (amber syringes)

Individually labeled, sold per piece as part of STIRRI™ prosumer/hobby/DIY product line in Amber Series with 24 months warranty.

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