Meet the NC-559-V3-TF

Next generation REACH-compliant universal no-clean tacky flux with UV-tracer

Made in 2022

- NC-559-V3-TF formula demonstrates mighty action, optimal flow and excellent ability to hold components in place. 

- Clear residue provides an engineer with transparency over the process.

- Slow burning ratio - long lasting.

- Optical UV-tracer to aid in cleaning.

- Pleasant non-chemical scent.

- REACH-compliant – environmentally/health friendlier.


Tacky Flux: Syringe (Kits): NC-559-V3-TF


“No-clean” indicates that the product requires cleaning method as defined by IPC no-clean standard and does not mean that the flux leaves no residue. No-clean rather means that the flux can be left on PCB for several consecutive SMT assemblies, also won’t cause corrosion if left indefinitely.

However, cleaning is desirable!

No-clean fluxes are easily removed using solvents in ultrasonic devices or using commercially available flux residue removers.

Storage and Handling

Tacky flux should be stored at room temperature (20-25°C).

Refrigeration is not necessary and will not extend product shelf life. If the material has been refrigerated - consider 3-4 hours to normalize at room temperature.

Syringes and cartridges are best stored vertically with tip pointing down.

Properly stored tacky flux has up to 24-month shelf life.

Dispensing Kit (Plunger and Tip)

Air syringes are intended for industrial dispensing machines using a piston stopper instead of a plunger - Dispensing Kit is a third party add-on necessary to manually controlling the flow. Dispensing tip gauge (size) is 14-20 Ga and may differ from pictured. A plunger is to push on the piston and not necessary snuggly fitting air syringe, a plunger can be loose. Do not remove the piston as it delivers the best seal preventing contact with air.

Tacky Flux: Syringes (Bulk): NC-559-V3-TF