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Rework PRO Kit - 9 purposely built solder fluxes

Rework PRO Kit - 9 purposely built solder fluxes

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Universal soldering solutions offer a single answer to all questions, while specialty fluxes target niche applications and better be good at it!

Specialty fluxes will solder any alloy but will display its best abilities when used for its primary purposes matching and exceeding world-class benchmarks for specialty soldering chemicals.

When dealing with high-pitch solder paste or where winning a shade or two matters, an engineer summons a Specialty Toolset!

Fluxes focusing on alloy composition:

  1. Stirri-LTºHF-TF - no-clean halogen-free for low-temp lead-free alloys up to 145ºC Sn/Bi low-melt alloys (ROL0) - Sn42Bi58, Sn42Bi57.6Ag0.4, Sn42Bi57Ag1, Sn43Pb43Bi14
  2. Stirri-MTº -TF - for mid-temp alloys / military technologies up to 230ºC for leaded rework (ROL0) - Sn60Pb40, Sn62Pb36Ag2, Sn62.8Pb36.8Ag0.4, Sn63Pb37
  3. Stirri-LF-TF - for lead-free alloys up to 250ºC lead-free rework (ROL0) - Sn96.5Ag3.5, Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5, Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7, Sn99.3Cu0.7, Sn100c
  4. Stirri-HT -TF - for semiconductors and solder paste using high temperature alloys with long soldering profiles up to 350ºC leaded or lead-free no-clean (ROL0) - Sn10Pb88Ag2, Sn95Sb5, Sn95Ag5, Sn5Pb93.5Ag1.5
Fluxes with primary purposes: 
  1. Stirri-BGA-TF - with right amount of solids for reballing, holds BGA spheres in place. Solders any alloy up to 300ºC as universal, the primary purpose, however, is Ball Grid Array soldering (ROL0) no-clean
  2. StirriLED -TF - for soldering light emitting diodes and solar application using silver-bearing lead-free alloys up to 250ºC (ROL0) no-clean
MA (More Activity) fluxes for SMT manufacturing:  
  1. Enig-MA-TF - more activity no-clean flux with stronghold in high-pitch soldering SAC on ENIG PCBs with Ni/Au plating (ROL0)
  2. Hydra-MA-TF - more activity resin-based BGA flux, fully universal in terms of soldering any alloys or BGAs but also cleans with anything starting with the greenest and the most affordable solvent on Earth - DI-water, but also using any other available method - vapor degreaser, ultra-sonic, water-based saponifier, Isoprponaol (IPA) or co-solvents (REL0 cleaned)
  3. Stirri-MA-TF -  a higher power flux for to deal however still no-clean for easy de-soldering, increased activity booster with extra halides for stripping mildly oxidized components, prepping workspace delivering shining joints (ROL1)
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