Repair Studio PRO - Specialty Fluxes

Repair Studio PRO - Specialty Fluxes

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A set of specialty fluxes covering repair studio for virtually every process, delivering performance focused in the particular areas without carrying of being a universal solution to every problem.

When the job needs to be done right from the first time, for the sake of purity in soldering profession

  1. STIRRI-LT-TF - for low temp alloys 96ºC-145ºC Sn/Bi (lead-free rework)
  2. STIRRI-MT-TF - for mid-temp alloys / military technologies (180-200ºC) leaded rework
  3. STIRRI-LED-TF - for lead-free alloys, LED and solar-panels related LF applications (220-250ºC) (ROL0)
  4. STIRRI-HT-TF - for high temperature alloys and prolonged soldering profiles (10/88, Sb5 and Ag5 up to 350ºC) leaded or lead-free (ROL0)
  5. STIRRI-BGA-TF - universal flux tailored for reballing, holds the balls in place, up to 300ºC (ROL0)
  6. STIRRI-MA-TF - Increased activity with extra halides booster for stripping mildly oxidized components, easy desoldering, shining joints (ROL1)
  7. STIRRI-ENIG-MA-TF - increased activity for high-pitch lead-free soldering on ENIG PCBs with Ni/Au plating (ROL0)
  8. STIRRI-HYDRA-MA-TF - Increased activity resin-based, residue can be removed with warm DI-water, IPA or co-solvents (REM1)
  9. 2x5cc Plungers, 14 blunt dispensing tips (4x14Ga, 10x20Ga)
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