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HandcraftUHF-TF universal no-clean halogen-free enriched pine crystal tacky flux with QC-Aid UV-tracer (ROL0) - 30g syringe bulk

HandcraftUHF-TF universal no-clean halogen-free enriched pine crystal tacky flux with QC-Aid UV-tracer (ROL0) - 30g syringe bulk

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HandcraftUHF-TF is a first-hand alternative to any other universal flux out there - a mass-market disruptor and a flagship formulation dedicated to soldering professionals and hobbyists alike.


Hand-soldering electronics, automotive repairs, IC-chip replacement, BGA-reballing, gaming console repair, halogen-free SMD solder paste.


Full body of enriched pine crystal rosins creating a transparent coating layer over the soldering area effectively blocking oxygen from the solder joints and thus allowing metals to bond - guaranteed!


  • Slightly yellow fully transparent rosin-rich flux body with clear non-corrosive residue. A truly no-clean flux - halogen-free, doesn't short components! REACH-compliant. Can be left on PCB or easily removed by hot air or basic solvents like Isopropanol.
  • Designed for hand-soldering electronics/automotive repairs. Smooth dispensing and flow, excellent ability to hold components in place. Easy flowing under IC chips. Universal for leaded and lead-free alloys.
  • Viscosity – 30-50 Pa. S (Malcom @ 10 RPM/25°C (x103mPa/s)) Halide-free (<0.05%). Passes SIR (Surface Insulation Resistance) test. No copper mirror breakthrough. Low electrochemical migration (<1 decade drop). 96°C-250°C temperature range.
  • Offers spectacular low-voiding and truly no-clean performance in many professional soldering areas including SMD solder paste. Best performs with mid-temp range tin/lead alloys melting at 150ºC-200ºC.
  • Contains QCAid™ - residual optical tracer glowing in UV blacklight allowing for immediate visual detection of contaminated PCB areas. QCAid - Everyone Can QC™

SMD-Paste values:

  • Stencil life @ 30-45% RH - up to 18 hours - one of the longest values on the market allowing for a long process window and next day completion.
  • Viscosity (jars, cartridges): 110-160 Pa. s (Print-grade) and 80-120 Pa. s (Dispenser-grade),Tack value: 43-45g
  • Stable wetting performance and low voiding soldering on most PCB finishes. Halogen-free clear residue.Sharp definition at high printing speeds up to 100mm/sec, enclosed print-head compatible.


Made in the USA by AMTECH MANUFACTURING using certified REACH-compliant raw materials, STIRRI specialty SMD-series have been helping the soldering community worldwide to reliably connect, clean and protect its craft. To see the difference, order your kit today!

Care Instructions

No-clean tacky fluxes can be left on PCBs for multiple assemblies, evaporated by hot air, or removed using foam swab and Isopropanol. Commercial cleaning can be achieved using solvents in ultra-sonic devices.


  • Cleaning is recommended on all fluxes at all time and not just for cosmetic reasons - unactivated residue may absorb moisture from the air subsequently causing corrosion, also excessive residue may cause voltage leakage negatively affecting PCB performance.
  • Do not dilute the flux or tamper with it in any way.
  • Do not expose flux to water - fluxes are hydrophobic, water will destroy the flux.

Meet Hydra which can be cleaned using chemical solvents or deionized water. DI-water is the most economical, highly efficient and eco-friendly solvent on Earth. Continue using Hydra with solvents and switch to DI-water at any time - Hydra enables the switch.

We recommend QCAid™ uplifted modern fluxes - containing optical tracer exposing contaminated areas in UV/blacklight. QCAid - Everyone can QC!™

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