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NWS-4200-LF-TF universal organic high-activity tacky flux (ORH1) - 30cc syringe

NWS-4200-LF-TF universal organic high-activity tacky flux (ORH1) - 30cc syringe

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Dealing with high oxidation or old assembly parts is way more productive when instead of a "go-to" ROL0 flux an engineer summons a specialty high activity flux - NWS. 

NWS series is a New Water Soluble formulation with highly desirable industrial properties - efficient oxides mitigation, sheer wetting capabilities, and high tolerance to many different surfaces.

NWS uses innovative polymer-dendrimer activator coupled with a highly stable clean rinsing binder resulting in high activity.

While H1/M1 flux can be naturally outgassing, risk of voiding doesn't affect solder spheres because a sphere is already formed, also since a chip is not yet on a board - standoff restrictions do not apply.

NWS is also very efficient for desoldering and at the same time prepares work area for oxide-free soldering - two in one shot.

NWS is available as a standard ORM1 flux NWS-4200-TF, lead-free ORH1 flux NWS-4200-LF-TF and as an enhanced ORH1 formulations NWS-4200-4-TF and NWS-4200-6-TF with 4% an 6% chlorides respectively. These modifications provide maximum impact and increase wetting and prepping for metals even on highly oxidized boards and old parts.

Besides highly successful organic-based formulations NWS lineup also features resin based (REM1) universal flux - NWS-4400-HA/LF-TF.

NWS - Winning In Cleaning

As a rule of thumb removing M1/H1 flux residues is paramount, however it is an easy task - use warm de-ionized water at 40-60°C with recommended water pressure of 30-50 PSI – NWS residue is completely water soluble!

Technical Highlights
Viscosity – Malcom @ 10 RPM/25°C (x103mPa/s)
IPC-TM-650: 2.6.15
H: Major
Quantitative Halides
H: >2.0%
Copper Mirror
IPC-TM-650: 2.3.32
H: >50% breakthrough
Electrochemical Migration
M: <1 decade drop (cleaned)
Compatible Alloys

Some of the popular alloys supported by this product

Alloy Liquidus Solidus
Sn42/Bi58 (Eutectic) 138°C 138°C
Sn42/Bi57.6/Ag0.4 140°C 139°C
Sn43/Pb43/Bi14 163°C 144°C
Sn62/Pb36/Ag2 179°C 179°C
Sn62.8/Pb36.8/Ag0.4 183°C 179°C
Sn63/Pb37 (Eutectic) 183°C 183°C
Sn60/Pb40 188°C 183°C
Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5 219°C 217°C
Sn99/Ag0.3/Cu0.7 221°C 217°C
Sn96.5/Ag3.5 (Eutectic) 221°C 221°C
Sn99.3/Cu0.7 (Eutectic) 227°C 227°C
Sn95/Sb5 240°C 235°C
Sn95/Ag5 245°C 221°C
Storage and Handling

Tacky flux should be stored at room temperature (20-25 °C). Syringes and cartridges should be stored vertically with the dispensing tip down. Properly stored tacky flux has a 12 month shelf life.

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