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Cleaning wipes 6x9" perforated pre-saturated 70% IPA 100 pcs (refillable can)

Cleaning wipes 6x9" perforated pre-saturated 70% IPA 100 pcs (refillable can)

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Industrial strengths / absorbance

Pre-saturated single ply 6x9" IPA clean wipes

70% Isopropyl alcohol / 30% ultra pure deionized water

High efficiency cleaning of flux, stencil, printer and delicate surface

Low linting and clear cut edges – made with the most demanding cleaning process in mind

Dries fast retaining dust and other particles providing fast unparalleled results

Plastic safe – won’t damage or “dull” surfaces, suitable for the demanding exteriors (experiment on a small segment first)

Retains dust and other particles leaving just a clean surface

Efficiently cleans office/shop floor door handles

Clean computers, phones, desk surfaces and operator buttons

Resealable canister for longer life of product 

Non-woven, universal, versatile, and durable; Low linting, low extractable and low particle counts; Zero residue upon drying; Enhanced drying with SMT soft wipes or an air knife; Large sheets, economical; Works well with most common cleaners and disinfectants

Contamination control in cleanrooms or labs where critical cleaning is a requirement; Widely used for wiping solder paste stencils and printer heads, lab equipment, compounding and wash areas; Efficiently absorbs oil, grease, or solvent spills; Good for general equipment wraps, wipe downs, disinfectants removal; Essential in preparations for inspections

Wiping of commonly touched areas (elevators railings, door knobs, desks, tables, appliances, peripherals, etc); Regular maintenance, LCD monitors, computers, glass cleaning; Other surfaces - prior to wide implementation at first try on a small non-critical surface.

Sturdy soft cellulose/polyester non-woven material with clear cut edges doesn't leave lint, particles or residues; Works quickly and efficiently in capturing contaminants - only clean surface remains; Complies with CDC requirement for IPA wipes (no less than 70% IPA); Does not contain any binders, additives, or Ozone depleting substances

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