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HydraCoat untraceable conformal nano-coating 2% polymer - 5kg

HydraCoat untraceable conformal nano-coating 2% polymer - 5kg

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HydraCoat is a transparent hydrophobic/oleophobic ultra thin protective solution boasting of quick no-curing processing time and superior chemical resistance.

HydraCoat's invisible ultra-thin nano-coating layer easily adheres to PCBs, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, PTFE, ready to repel water, oil and hydrocarbons getting dry in less than a minute!

- Easy-to-apply to a surface by dipping, brushing or spraying.

- Fast drying time (<1min), no-curing required.

- Non-Flammable.

- Has a version with a QC-Aid UV-tracer for quality inspections. QCAid - Everyone can QC!

- Adheres well to a wide variety of material substrates as plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic.

- Optimal coating for challenging components in PCBA and flexible circuits.

- Wide range of applications including automotive, LED, consumer electronics, avionics, aerospace, military and unmanned systems.

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