NC-559-V2-TF no-clean tacky flux (ROL0)

Package Content

- AMTECH NC-559-V2-TF no-clean tacky solder flux
- Plunger
- Metal blunt dispensing tip
- Authenticity card with AMTECH soldering profiles


This solder flux is originally packaged by the manufacturer in the USA - we are an authorized reseller offering same or next day shipping and 30 days return guarantee. Please support this series of AMTECH flux - rate it!

The joy of saving a couple of dollars may easily turn into a grief due to outdated, repackaged or simply fake flux pretending to be real AMTECH - don't risk you time, money and short circuits due to bad flux - when you buy from an INVENTEC trained reseller like us you are guaranteed to receive genuine product with fresh manufacturing date and maximum shelf life for your best soldering results.

As per technical data-sheets, all originally branded AMTECH material is available in 10cc syringe (MPN 16150)30cc syringe (MPN 16160), 75g jars (MPN 16144)150g jars (MPN 16145) and 340g cartridge (on request) - please see corresponding listings - jars are more economical and more suitable for application with a brush. INVENTEC does NOT package in 100g jars, those are Chinese replicas.

INVENTEC uses the same jars for 75g and 150g packaging, a 75g jar will be half full and 150g jar will be full.

Key notes

- ROL0 flux classification - rosin based, low activity no-clean tacky solder flux for professional/industrial use. Highly praised by advanced reworks community for mighty long-lasting action and easy cleaning - clear residue evaporates with hot air and doesn't short components. Applicable for a syringe, stencil printing, rework, BGA sphere attachment and reballing using standard tin/lead alloys (won't solder lead-free metals). Halide-free (<0.05%). Contains UV-tracer for fast detection of splatter
- Optimal viscosity - 40-52 (Malcom @ 10 RPM/25°C (x103mPa/s)). High temperature compatible (up to 300°C/600°F). Surface insulation resistant. No copper mirror breakthrough. Low electrochemical migration (<1 decade drop). May contain up to 7% w/w of ethoxylated 4-nonylphenol (NPE can be harmful to aquatic organisms - dispose of responsibly avoiding water drains)
- Activated residue is non-corrosive - can be left on board for multiple SMT assemblies (manufacturer recommends cleaning all flux residues at all times to avoid board contamination or voltage leakage on circuits with high impedance, also non-activated residue may absorb moisture from the air and subsequently cause corrosion). Wide process window - excellent performance on Flip Chip bumping and Chip Scale Packaging sites.
- Syringes are intended for industrial dispensing machines and use a piston stopper instead of a plunger - do not remove the piston as it delivers the best seal to prevent contact with air. Dispensing Kit (plunger and tip) is a third-party add-on, not supplied by AMTECH. A plunger is to push on the piston and not necessary snuggly fitting the syringe, a plunger can be loose. Dispensing tip gauge (size) will be within 14-23 Ga and may differ from pictured.
- Genuine product made in the USA by Inventec Performance Chemicals. Distributed by AMTECH DIRECT - every original shipment will include authenticity card with AMTECH soldering profiles.
Compatible Alloys Liquidus Solidus
Sn42/Bi58 (Eutectic) 138°C 138°C
Sn43/Pb43/Bi14 163°C 144°C
Sn62/Pb36/Ag2 179°C 179°C
Sn62.8/Pb36.8/Ag0.4 183°C 179°C
Sn63/Pb37 (Eutectic) 183°C 183°C
Sn60/Pb40 188°C 183°C
Sn10/Pb88/Ag2 290°C 268°C


No-clean tacky flux that can be left on the board for many SMT assemblies. For applications requiring cleaning NC-559-V2-TF can be cleaned using commercially available flux residue removers such as INVENTEC Promoclean™ and Promosolv™ cleaning chemistries.

Storage and Handling

Tacky flux should be stored at room temperature (20-25 °C). Syringes and cartridges should be stored vertically with the dispensing tip down. Properly stored tacky flux has a 12-month shelf life. For optimal performance do not refrigerate or allow 2 hours to normalize.

Safety Notice

This product is designed for a professional audience. The information contained herein is based on technical data that we believe to be reliable and is intended for use by persons having relevant skills at their own risk. Consumers of AMTECH products should make their own tests to determine the suitability of each product for their particular process and take safety measures. Manufacturer/resellers assume no liability for results obtained or damages incurred through the application of the data presented.

Dispensing Kit (Plunger and Tip)

AMTECH syringes are intended for industrial dispensing machines and use a piston stopper instead of a plunger - Dispensing Kit is a third party add-on, not supplied by AMTECH. Dispensing tip gauge (size) will be within 14-23 Ga and may differ from pictured. A plunger is to push on the piston and not necessary snuggly fitting AMTECH syringe, a plunger can be loose. Do not remove the piston as it delivers the best seal preventing contact with air.

Exp date Jan 08, 2020
No-clean with solvents
up to 300°C
NC-559-V2-TF 30cc (16160) dispensing kit
NC-559-V2-TF 75g jar (16144)
NC-559-V2-TF 150g jar (16145)

Original INVENTEC factory packaging:

Cross-selling AMTECH products newly brought to eBay:

AMTECH VS-213A-TF is the most recent and the most up-to-date no-clean tacky flux formulation by AMTECH. VS-213A-TF performs at par with bestselling AMTECH no-clean ROL0 fluxes NC-559-ASM/V2, RMA-223 and SynTECH* however, it is uplifted with some highly desirable modern add-ons, missing from its grand counterparts - VS-213A-TF is REACH compliant, halogen-free and universal - supports both leaded and lead-free alloys.
VS-213A-TF boasts ultra-low voiding properties - the lowest among AMTECH no-clean ROL0 family, plus it retains all greatly admired AMTECH context - industrial wetting capabilities, optimal tack/viscosity, long-lasting performance, clear residue and easy cleaning.
* NC-559-ASM/V2, RMA-223, and SynTECH require separate LF version to solder lead-free alloys.

AMTECH NC-559-ASM-TF - ROL0, No-clean tacky flux
AMTECH NC-559-V2-TF - ROL0, No-clean tacky flux
AMTECH NC-560-LF-TF - ROL0, No-clean tacky flux
 - ROL0, No-clean tacky flux
AMTECH RMA-223-TF - ROL0, No-clean tacky flux
AMTECH RMA-223-LF-TF - ROM1, No-clean tacky flux (must clean due to M1 activity)

AMTECH NWS-4200-6-TF water-soluble tacky flux - meet the strongest flux in AMTECH's armoury - ORH1 classification with extra 6% chlorides - used for industrial oxide-free soldering. NWS-4200-6-TF removes oxidation however it is highly corrosive itself - cleaning is paramount. Water-washable flux is in general easy to clean with warm (50°C) Deionized Water (DI) mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA).

AMTECH Leaded Solder Paste

AMTECH Sn63/Pb37 (T3) No-clean Solder Paste (SynTECH) - 87% Metal, 25-45 microns, 35g syringe.
AMTECH Sn63/Pb37 (T4) No-clean Solder Paste (SynTECH-N) - 87% Metal, 20-38 microns, 35g syringe (halogen-free, longer stensil life than SynTECH)

AMTECH Lead-free Solder Paste

AMTECHSn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5 (T4) No-clean Lead-free Solder Paste (SAC305) - 86% Metal, 20-38 microns, 35g syringe.
AMTECH Sn42/Bi57.6/Ag0.4 (T4) No-clean Lead-free Low-temp Solder Paste - 87% Metal, 20-38 microns, 35g syringe.

AMTECH Core Wire

Popular leaded and lead-free alloys - eutectic Sn63/Pb37 and SAC305 both available for No-clean and Water-washable processes in different diameters. What makes this wire special is AMTECH flux in its core with proprietary poly(dendrimer) activator which is sufficient to solder to bare copper and hard to solder surfaces without any additional flux. Besides added activity, this solder wire has very little splatter and delivers higher production yields - better ROI.

Sn63/Pb37 Liquidus/Solidus - 183°C (Eutectic)

AMTECH NC-61 Sn63/Pb37 2.2% No-clean Rosin core
AMTECH 4300 Sn63/Pb37 2.2% Water-washable Resin core

Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5 (SAC305) Liquidus - 219°C / Solidus - 217°C

AMTECH NC-61 SAC305 2.2% Lead-free No-clean Rosin core
AMTECH 4300 SAC305 3.3% Lead-free Water-washable Resin core

AMTECH Accessories

AMTECH Pre-Saturated Multi-purpose Cleaning Wipes - chances high the AMTECH flux will be sufficiently cleaned with this residue-free, plastic safe, shed-free cleaning cloth - the AMTECH way! Pre-saturated in isopropyl alcohol and deionized water (70% Isopropanol #67-63-0 and 30% Deionized Water) providing outstanding cleaning results for AMTECH flux (when there is no need in ultrasonic cleaning), also dust, screens, and gentle glossy surfaces.