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HANDCRAFT-UHF-TF universal no-clean halogen-free enriched pine crystal tacky flux with QC-tracer (ROL0) - 5g syringe bulk

HANDCRAFT-UHF-TF universal no-clean halogen-free enriched pine crystal tacky flux with QC-tracer (ROL0) - 5g syringe bulk

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Low-cost disruptor for the mass-market globally bloated with counterfeited and low quality fluxes of unknown origin - meant to be affordable.


Hand-soldering electronics/automotive repairs, IC-cheap replacement, BGA-reballing, gaming console repair, SMD-paste.


Full body of enriched pine crystal rosins creating transparent coating layer over the soldering area effectively blocking oxygen from the solder joints and thus allowing metals to bond - guaranteed!


  • Lightly yellow fully transparent rosin-rich flux body with clear non-corrosive residue maintaining lucidity under high heat. Can be left on PCB or easily removed by hot air or basic solvents like isopropanol.
  • Designed for hand-soldering electronics/automotive repairs - smooth dispensing, excellent ability to hold components in place. Easy flowing under IC chips. Universal for leaded and lead-free alloys.
  • Viscosity – 30-50 Pa. S (Malcom @ 10 RPM/25°C (x103mPa/s)) Halide-free (<0.05%). Passes SIR (Surface Insulation Resistance). No copper mirror breakthrough. Low electrochemical migration (<1 decade drop). 138°C-300°C temperature range
  • Halogen-free - doesn't short components. Universal for leaded and lead-free alloys. REACH-compliant. Offers spectacular low-voiding performance in many professional soldering areas including SMD solder paste;
  • Contains QCAid™ - Everyone Can QC! residual optical tracer glowing in UV blacklight allowing for immediate visual detection of contaminated PCB areas.

SMD-Paste values:

  • Stencil life @ 30-45% RH - up to 18 hours - one of the longest values on the market allowing for a long process window and next day completion.
  • Viscosity (jars, cartridges): 110-160 Pa. s (Print-grade) and 80-120 Pa. s (Dispenser-grade), Tack value: 43-45g
  • Stable wetting performance and low voiding soldering on most PCB finishes. Halogen-free clear residue. Sharp definition at high printing speeds up to 100mm/sec, enclosed print head compatible.


Made in the USA by AMTECH MANUFACTURING LLC using certified REACH-compliant raw materials - not harmful for nature or human health.

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