AMTECH DIRECT is a pro-consumer and SMT industry oriented multi-vendor e-commerce channel managed by AMTECH DISTRIBUTION LLC – a dedicated supplier of genuine aerospace and military grade industrial goods and commodities worldwide.

Tools, dispensing components, cleaning equipment, metals, adhesives, epoxies, powders, pastes, fluxes, pickling preparations and other chemicals.

Our focus is on top-performing high reliability materials adhering to the applicable industrial and military standards.

Tools and equipment
Dispensing machines, cleaning equipment, centrifuge and planetary mixers and parts for such equipment;

Dispensing components
Syringes, cartridges, pistons, jars, end-tips, end-caps, plungers and other components used for dispensing;

Advanced metals, powders and compositions
Bismuth, lead, tin, silver, copper and other metals and compositions, BGA solder spheres, solder paste;

Advanced chemicals
Adhesives, epoxies, fluxes, glues, conformal coatings, cements and general industrial manufacturing chemicals like cleaners and cleaning agents, sealants, silicones, and automotive fluids; synthetic additives, rosins, resins, polymers and polymeric additives.

Our stellar distribution services have been successfully empowering manufacturers of industrial, consumer and household products worldwide.

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